Let's all work together to share and only bring what we absolutely need for the weekend.  There will be vendors at the event in case you forget some of the necessities.

Please do bring:

  • Re-usable items
  • Trash/Recycling bags - so you can clean up after YOURSELF
  • A positive attitude
  • Express yourself!
  • Warm clothing, aka Grandpa's finest fur coat and Grandma's homemade blanket
  • Hammock
  • Jewelry, face paint, loin cloth
  • Camping gear
  • Bio-degradable soap (Dr. Bronners works great) - there are no showers!  Solar showers are a great idea.
  • Inner-tubes, since we were born to float
  • Air mattress/pad for sleeping on uneven surfaces
  • Earplugs - the only alternative to energy, the music will go on!
  • Sunglasses
  • Toiletries
  • Personal First-Aid kit, there's lots of sticks and stones
  • Camping chair, stop dancing if you dare!


  • Weapons, although a small camping knife may be allowed (NO GUNS!)
  • Illegal Substances of any kind
  • Live animals
  • Bad vibes